Why We are Best Utilitie service provider in kolkata :


Modern life involves the enjoyment of various utilities, that makes life hassle-free, comfortable and happy. The mobile & landline telephone services, power supply and DTH services, are among the most common types of utility that you enjoy on your day-to- day life. Besides, often you require transfer money as well as there are needs to pay the premium to the insurance policies. Well, you can still embrace the conventional methodologies like standing in the queue to make the payment. However, it is always not possible to manage that time, in the course of your daily schedule. Hence, you require trustworthy solutions that can stand beside you in these instances.

Well, now you have KNB-Wealth (Best utilitie service provider in kolkata) that is your single-stop solution for paying for all the necessary utilities. We offer you a comprehensive framework for making the prepaid mobile recharges and the recharge for  the DTH services & data car services; Payment towards the bills for the electricity, the land phone and the postpaid mobile bills. We also offer you a secured platform for the transfer of fund online. You can even use our framework for the payment for the premium on your insurance policies. Hence, it can be said that, we have a comprehensive framework to take care of the utility payment needs.

Our entire framework is online and hence, our services feature accuracy and it is instant. With us, you are promised for 100% transparency and clarity. We have secured payment platform, and robust framework, that can ensure the safety and security of your money. Thus, dealing with us, you retain the right to experience delight and happiness.

We appreciate you testing our services and we are assured, the quality of our services will surely make you to rejoice. KNB-Wealth the utilitie service provider in kolkata  is all set to give you a wonderful service experience.

Pre paid Mobile Recharge

Cellular telephones had covered up a major portion of contemporary life, and it is among the essential services, these days. The major chunk of the cell phone subscribers persists on the repaid model. We have a robust online platform, that you can use to recharge your mobile telephone, irrespective of the operator you are subscribed to. Since it is an online service, you can avail the services in the compass of 24x7 basis. We are authorized service partner for all the operators that are functional and you need not pay us a penny, additionally over the recharge denomination. Our robust and 24x7 service is the only lifeline, in instances the subscriber needs immediate recharge and he/she is unable to approach the conventional sources.

Postpaid Mobile Bill Payment

We are mindful of the needs of the postpaid mobile subscribers as well. We had been authorized by the operating mobile operators to collect the postpaid bills from the subscribers. As an authorized bill payment center, we always have authenticity established. Hence, you should not have concerns in dealing with us. You can pay off the bill for the mobile telephone through our portal and you can do it as per your convenient time. We will give you instant confirmation of the receipt of the payment, and hence, you can always have a track for your payment. The best part is that, you will neither need to queue up for the payment of bills, nor, you will be asked to pay a penny, above the amount of the bill.

DTH Recharge

Remembering the renewal date for the DTH services, often turns hard for you. You will have experience that, you forget the time to recharge the DTH and, eventually, your services come to a halt. We have the solution to solve your concerns in those instances. We are the authorized service partner for all the DTH service providers, and we offer you an online service, that will enable you to recharge the DTH service, instantly. It is completely free service that you can avail for the 24 hours of the day and for the 7 days in the week.

Data Card Recharge

We not only facilitate you for paying the mobile bills, or to instantly recharge your prepaid mobile, but, we get you the data card instantly, when you need it on war-footing basis. As an authorized service provider, we have the access to all the data products from the mobile operators. Use our portal to get your data recharged instantly and without having to pay any additional fees.

Land Phone Bill Payment

Paying the land phone bills is a nightmare for the subscribers. The hectic and busy schedule will seldom offer you time to stand in the queues for the bill payment. Well, you can say that there are the alternative payment methods like bank transfer. But remember, the banks will have its own schedule of holidays and closures. Most importantly, it operates for a certain span of time. Contrasted to this standing, we have the a framework that you can use on 24x7 basis. Moreover, you will not require paying any additional charges to avail the services.

electric Bill Payment

Similar challenges await the subscribers, in instances of paying for the power utility bill. You can use our portal for remitting your dues directly to the service provider. You will be delighted to know, that you are exempted from paying any additional charges, in excess of the billing amount.

Money Transfer

Our scopes of services include the facility for fund transfer, that you can do anytime and anywhere. We are the authorized service partner with some of the most reputable and reliable international money transfer service provider. You can use our portal to transfer the fund anywhere and anytime, without having to pay any additional amount, over the service fees, that the concerned service provider might levy on you.

Insurance Premium Payment

We are associated with all the insurance companies operating in India. You can use our web portal to remit your insurance premium or to pay for the renewal of the policies. Since it is an online service, you can avail it on 24x7 basis and you are not required to pay any additional charges to avail the service. We can assure you about the safety and the security of our platform and hence, you can step ahead with confidence to avail our services.
We are active in the all the social networking sites and we encourage you to visit our pages there. You will definitely take us into confidence, seeing the extent of the positive reviews and the likes that our pages get there. We always believe that the best spokesman about our services, is our valued client. Hence, visiting our pages in the social media, you will get that confidence that will trigger you to avail our services.

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