Tour & travels.

You must be having a flair for going out on trips during your vacation time. No matter you are planning for a domestic or international vacation, you inevitably require arranging for different amenities. You can expect for that dream vacation, only when you will be able to arrange all the amenities and services, appropriately. It is not a cakewalk to plan, arrange and execute the vacation plan. Well, now you have KNB-Wealth, Best tour & travels Company in kolkata and single-stop solution to arrange the vacation trip in style.

Starting with the booking of train or flight tickets, you can use our portal to book the train tickets, for any train running through the network of Indian railways. The scope of services covers up the hotel booking as well. KNB ‘s (tour Company in kolkata)  portal will enable you to arrange for the train station/airport transfers as well as getting privately rented cars for the day trips. We can also assist you to book for the water amusement activities for your vacation.

Water Sports

The aquatic amusement is gaining in popularity as a leisure activity. The splashes of water can surely bring rejuvenation from the stresses and strains. Hence, people prefer to delve into the aquatic kingdom for these amusements. Our portal will give you the reference to the service providers that runs similar services and will assist you to get the necessary information and booking their services. Hence, our portal act as a platform that assist you to delve into the entertainment and enjoyment of the aquatic activities.

Rail/Flight Ticket Booking

A major arrangement for the vacation trip is that for the train and/or flight tickets. We are an authorized ticket booking center for Indian airlines and a host of domestic and international airline providers. Through our portal, you can book your train and flight tickets on 24x7 basis and you are not required to pay any service charges to use our portal. Our portal basically saves you the time that you would have to put in standing at the reservation counters. At the same time, the direct interface with the railway and airline providers, saves you the money, that you would have to pay to the booking agents.

Package Tour

Our portal will get you a comprehensive and a delightful bundle of a package tour. You will be connected with the leading domestic and international tour operators, who will arrange all the necessary services and amenities to make your trip comfortable and successful. You will be served with the entire scope of services like ticket booking, managing railway/ airport transfers, car rentals for the day trips so on and so forth.

Hotel/Accomodation Booking

Our portal will connect you with some of the top hotels in domestic as well as an international tourist destination. We are the authorized booking partners for numbers of top hotels and using our portal, you can directly connect with these providers. We have hotels of various categories, associated with us and hence, you can get the one that best fits with your requirements and budget. It will be worthy to say that our portal serves as an absolutely free booking platform. Hence, with us, you save your time and money alike. The best part is that you have a total control over the booking process. You will not have to depend on the whimsies of the booking agent, who might not be able to address your needs, relevantly.
Leave aside all of your worries for making the arrangement for your vacation trip. Embrace our free portal, that will diligently aid you in arranging your vacation trip, free of hassles and without having to shoulder the unnecessary expenses, that eventually escalates the budget for the trip

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