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The term Real estate refers to the board portfolio of the land property as well as the building that stands on it. The portfolio refers to the immovable assets. Real estate properties can majorly be divided into two major categories, the residential properties and the properties that are developed to serve commercial purposes. Accordingly, the customer profile in the real estate market can be segregated into 2 major categories;

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the first category is comprised of the buyers, who are interested in buying the assets and the second category includes the ones that are interested in renting or taking the lease of the residential or commercial properties. Hence, the domain is vibrant and highly diversified. KNB Wealth( Best Real Estate company in kolkata) will act as a single stop solution to address all of your needs, revolving around the real estate projects. Through our web portal, you will get connected with the Best real estate developers from India and Thailand. We will also be able to connect you with the top real estate brokers in India as well as in Thailand. Thus, our portal is a single interface for addressing all of the real estate needs in the major Indian cities, as well as the properties located in the various cities of Thailand.



We are the Effotable Real estate in kolkata,
With a safe, secure and quality standard of living, coming for competitive prices, India is among the major real estate hubs in the world. The Indian real estate developers develop global standard residential as well as commercial projects, that complies with the international construction codes and display high aesthetical values. The best part is that the pricing of the properties is within the competitive ranges. Our portal will connect you directly with the best Indian Real estate developers, who can offer you the solution that best fit your choices, preferences, and budget. As you get the direct references to the best residential & commercial real estate projects in India, the daunting task of property search turns to be a cakewalk for you. A single interface to the widest stretch of the Indian real estate market, benefits you be fetching more of options, and hence, you can afford to be more considerate and choosy about selecting the properties. In other words, having more of options on your sides, you can opt for those properties, that will turn the investments more profitable for you. The best part about our portal is that you will not require paying us a penny, in manners whatsoever. So you can understand this is Lower price Real estate in kolkata


A vibrant country with exceptional scenic beauty, the highest standard of living and one of the major tourism hubs in the world, Thailand had developed itself as a prime destination for investment buying. Knb Wealth (Best Real estate in Bangkok) will give you access to the top real estate developers in Bangkok. Out-of-state investment buying is the latest investment strategy that holds high-profit potentials, even though the investment is completely safe and sheltered. With an investor-friendly code of enactment, Thailand is a dream destination for the investment buyers. You are welcome to stand on our web portal and get connected with the top Bangkok real estate developers, who will have a tailor-made solution to your quest for investment properties. Our portal will connect you with a pool of the best Real estate developers in Bangkok and hence, you will be having the maximum options for the investment properties, with different specifications and range of budget to opt for. You can compare between the pros and cons of these properties and eventually, opt for the one that seems to hold the maximum profit potential for you. Use our portal for free and, go ahead to invest more profitably on the Bangkok Real estate properties.

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